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Case Studies

Lifecare Simplifies Software Management

LifeCare Medical Transports looks to industry specific
solution to simplify software maintenance and still provide
exceptional customer support.

Key Topics

  • Reducing the number of needed software platforms
  • Inproving fleet Maintenance
  • Improved employee compliance and software training


NorthStar EMS Looking To The Future

NorthStar EMS wanted to be able to offer a centralized
scheduling platform with attendance tracking and allowed
employees better access to scheduling information and
time cards.

Key Topics

  • Issue at NorthStar EMS
  • Solution NorthStar EMS Implemented
  • Results & Effects


Hart to Heart Streamlining Management

Hart 2 Heart was looking to the future and needed a
platform that could help centralize data and processes.

Implementing Traumasoft's web-based integrated solution
allowed Hart to Heart to save time and resources. Each
department can now see a snapshot of their oepration and
gave managers more autonomy.


Standardizing dispatch at Southern Paramedic

Southern Paramedic evolved from ahospital managed
ambulance service. After branching off, the state
required the company to operate an in-house dispatch

Southern was able to improve response times, standardize
dispatch policies, and increase fleet communicaiton.


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