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Mobile Connectivity Retrofitting Extends Fleet Lifespan

Every year new technology is released that can improve the utilization and reduce the costs of maintaining an EMS fleet. Until recently, most of this technology needed to be implemented at the factory level. Meaning, an EMS company would have to wait until it purchased a brand new ambulance to gain any of the benefits of a connected ambulance. Now all of this technology can be installed post assembly creating huge savings opportunities.

Current Fleet Costs

Purchasing and maintaining a fleet vehicle are two of the greatest costs incurred by EMS companies. An ambulance can cost anywhere from K to over 0K. If you add maintenance & accident repair, the cost of an ambulance increases to over 0K-5K, according to a 2009 Transportation Research Board presentation, and the average lifespan of an Ambulance is only 6 years. This puts the average yearly cost to around K-K. Depending on your fleet size the total cost of purchasing and maintaining your fleet could be in the millions.

Extending Lifespan and Reducing Costs

Retrofitting fleet vehicles with monitoring and tracking technologies will extend fleet life and reduce overall costs in 3 ways: increase utilization, improve maintenance costs,  and spread costs over a longer period of time.

GPS, tracking technology, and software integrations provide the greatest benefit for EMS companies by increasing revenues and fleet utilization. Dispatchers and trip schedulers are able to visually see trip density and begin utilizing off-peak hours to gain higher vehicle utilization and higher trip scheduling.

Maintenance time can effect the bottom line. For each day and hour a vehicle is out of commission an EMS company loses capacity and puts more stress on the rest of its fleet. Connected fleets that integrate with fleet maintenance software are able to reduce maintenance time through preventative maintenance, and maintenance tracking. Managers will have the data to identify trends and trouble spots; including managing maintenance staff repair times, and repeating vehicle issues.

Lastly, being able to implement better utilization and improved maintenance will increase the life span of a vehicle. If the costs to own remain the same due to improved maintenance, but the life span increases the average cost per year will decrease. Using the example above, if life span was increase to 10yrs the average yearly cost of an ambulance would be K-K. That's almost a 50% decrease!

Get Connected

The benefits of a connected fleet are obvious, improved utilization, lower maintenance costs, reduced ownership costs. All this can be attained at any time, for much less than the cost of a new ambulance, now that technology and software can be installed after factory assembly. Installing mobile connectivity tech and integrating software can put you ahead of the competition.

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