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The EMS Revolution - How Collaboration is Changing EMS

Many organizations still have the “do it yourself” mindset, this has created a slow moving EMS technology industry. Organizations relying on old technology to drive a rapidly growing industry are realizing they are being left behind.

Business leaders now accept that their organizations’ future success is bound to their ability to keep pace with technology. Forward-thinking companies are recognizing and seizing the opportunity to drive growth and increase performance enabled by new trends in the industry. The latest trend has involved the collaboration of the EMS Community suppliers and vendors. This new found relationship provides EMS organizations with more choices, cost-cutting, and efficiency improvements.

Technology is driving better service

Customers are asking for the same things; improved interactions with their customers, improved internal communications, easy access and integration. Traditionally, software companies built packaged software that required servers/computers, was not customizable, and carried a hefty price tag. Furthermore, many software companies specialized in creating one-off solutions (billing, inventory control, CAD) and didn't have the foresight to anticipate integration, reporting, and even collaboration. These issues have been the barriers preventing many EMS companies from adopting them.

New technology is looking to break this trend and deliver customizable solutions that integrate with an operation's current solutions. EMS Companies will forgo high fees when implementing new technologies, because old technologies will not need to be replaced. This new EMS industry will be better informed about their business operations and be able to provide better services, more reliable services, at lower costs, even with older technologies.

Innovative companies looking to integrate

Companies are increasingly reporting the bottom line benefits and the necessity of collaboration. These companies have found it essential to stay one step ahead and scout out and interpret emerging trends, both through technology integrations and partnerships. These partnerships have removed barriers and promoted increased transparency within companies that were once closed off.

Today, software companies are building applications for customers who want flexibility and cost effective solutions. Using web-based software, that is always up, is easy to use, and connects to everything, suppliers are collaborating to cross promote services as features.

For example, Traumasoft offers Virtual Classroom as a solution, but instead of trying to create exams and course materials we are working with current platform users and EMS Training companies to populate the system with courses. The Traumasoft solution makes it easy to track credits and deliver materials, while it is easier and more effective for others to create it. A win-win situation.

Traumasoft & EMS Redline unveiled the connected ambulance in June, a collaboration with over 10 suppliers.

Benefits of collaboration

The rapid adoption of collaborative business models is improving the EMS industry. When suppliers and vendors understand EMS companies want choices, they create products with flexibility that reduce the barriers to obtaining and implementing better business solutions.

Open-minded EMS companies that learn to embrace a collaborative approach will regain leverage in the marketplace and find areas for growth. New found partnerships will offer these innovative organizations more cost-cutting choices  leading to better and more reliable service.

How is your company innovating the EMS industry? What partnerships have helped to drive growth and improve services?

Be sure to learn all about the EMS Redline Connected Ambulance, which will was unveiled at the Catalyst Redline Conference in Schaumburg, IL, June 11-13!

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