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Advantages of Employee Scheduling Software

Advantages of Employee Scheduling Software

Managers should have a strong understanding of all business operations, especially those that can cause inefficiencies and increase costs. When managing or coordinating other people, employee scheduling software isn’t just an important solution, it’s a necessity all managers should employ.

Dreaded Overtime

One of the biggest costs in employee scheduling is - overtime. Inefficient scheduling practices can cost thousands a year. Implementing scheduling software can help reduce or eliminate unnecessary overtime. Essentially, the system will keep track of hours-worked and as certain employees reach their max of regular hours the software will show those who have not. Thereby, not only reducing overtime hours, but also eliminating bias.

What is bias? It’s the feeling or habits of the schedule manager affecting the distribution of hours on a schedule. Usually, these errors happen on accident and stem from how they were trained to put the schedule together. The effects can be costly; too much overtime. Some employees are scheduled more than others. Prime shifts are given to the same people week after week, creating tension and lowering morale.

Security and Permission

Scheduling software combats these issues and prevents the costs they create. A software program runs on rules: employee availability, shift times, regular vs. overtime hours and more. Once the rules are set the software tries to maximize resource utilization while providing lower costs by spreading out hours across the entire staff, removing bias, encouraging equality and improving morale.

Scheduling software also helps to promote security and honesty in the work place. Scheduling software solutions employ user accounts and permission based systems which make it difficult, if not impossible to tamper with schedules and time cards. Once software’s rules are in place only managers with permission are able to make changes, thus eliminating bias and time card “fudging.”

Improve Communication

Lastly, scheduling software will increase internal communication. Traditionally, when a schedule change took place, a manager would have to call everyone and distribute printed schedules; this is costly and inefficient.  Employee scheduling software should be configured to automatically send out notifications. Usually, the software will have the ability to send emails, but may also allow text message notification. Not only will scheduling software automatically handle notifications, but should also handle vacation time, sick time, call-offs, and shift swapping. All this combined increases value-driven communications within your operation while lowering costs.

Whether you manage a small or large operation, employee scheduling software is a solution that should be earnestly considered. It can help reduce costs, promote security and safety, and increase value-driven communication within your business. Find out how Crew Scheduler can help drive value to your business.

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