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Benefits of Web Accessibility

In the first article of the "Intro to EMS Software" series we talked about Integration vs Integrated. The last article showed how using integrated software to helpbenchmark can really improve ems operations. Today, let's look at web accessibility and its the benefits associated with having 24/7 access.

Internet Revolution

One of the most important decisions a business makes is how a new software solution should be deployed across a business.  The Internet has revolutionized the way we think about these critical choices and how we do business. Operations have moved online. Employees now work remotely and are kept informed 24/7 based on their schedules. Companies save on equipment costs by outsourcing hosting and data storage. It doesn't end with big business either; small and mid-sized companies are taking advantage of the benefits of the Internet. Can a web-based solution help the EMS industry? What benefits does a web-based solution provide?

Web vs Hosted

Web-based and on-premise solutions share many of the same characteristics.  They may both offer a comprehensive feature set and provide similar capabilities; such as sophisticated security or the ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of other business systems within your environment.  However, there are many distinct differences between the two. The only solution offering world-wide real-time data accessibility is a web-based solution. It doesn't matter if you're at your headquarters/office, Asia, Africa, Europe or the North Pole, so long as there is an Internet connection you have access to all the data and the ability to manage it. Real-time data is the most accurate data and having access to it helps you make better business decisions.

When data is accessible at all times, from all locations, your staff is better informed. Not only are they better informed, but they are informed on their own schedules, this means they won't miss out on important information. A more informed staff is a happier staff, a happier staff is a better working staff, a better working staff runs a better business.

Cost Benefit

For a manager costs are always top-of-mind, especially ways to reduce those costs. Web-based solutions are ideal for any business that wants to automate and enhance their mission-critical processes, but doesn’t have a large IT team or a huge technology budget.   All the hardware and software required to support the application are housed at a remote, off-site location and supervised by a service provider.  Since there is no hardware or software to buy, there are no large initial expenditures. The service provider also oversees all the work with deployment, including installation, integration, testing, and routine maintenance, not to mention storing all application data. This eliminates the time and labor required for system maintenance, minimal burden is placed on internal IT resources, leaving them free to work on other operations.

In short, looking to a Web-based solution can help with world-wide real-time data accessibility, a more informed work-force and reduced costs. It is important for a manager to have access to real-time data when it’s needed to make better decisions. Keeping morale high improves performance and finding ways to reduce costs are paramount to keeping an operation running.

See if implementing a Web-based solution for your operation can improve operations and in the next "Intro to EMS Software" article we'll explore web-based vs server-hosted.


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