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On-time performance and quality patient care is essential in today's competitive market.
Connect #nurses, #case #managers, and discharge planners with your #CAD for a truly integrated competitive advantage.
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Nov 29 2016

We Can Do It:

Certification Tracking The one solution to maintain all your dated documents -- including licenses, certification, in-house training, orientation information, HIPPA, and drivers training renewals. --Easy to use, the Certification Tracker raises the quality and service standard for your employees with improved communication and reliability. Identify training needs, renewals and expired information, quickly and efficiently. It exploits integration into Crew Scheduler, ensuring up-to-date certifications.

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We offer Fleet Operations Management: 

Your fleet is on the road every day and requires constant monitoring. Vehicles require servicing, refueling, cleaning, and upgrading. Every fleet has inefficiencies such as excessive idling, AC/Heat overuse, and reduced utilization due to unauthorized or faulty trips. By connecting your fleet, Traumasoft reduces overall costs and increases the overall effectiveness of your organization. 
Key Benefits
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Parts Management
  • Accident Tracking and Reporting
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Integrated with Scheduling and Dispatch
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Traumasoft: Safe & Secure

Traumasoft: Safe & Secure

Traumasoft is serious about its obligation to protect the confidentiality of personal information. 

Traumasoft utilizes the latest security technology, protocols, and encryption services available. Traumasoft depends on Rackspace for managed cloud computing, GeoTrust for secure SSL data transactions, and all of our software is encrypted for additional precaution.


  • 256 Bit Encryption
  • Auditing Logs & Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Multiple Cloud Storage Facilities
  • Triple Backup Redundancy







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Traumasoft is Improving Employee Engagement

Traumasoft can boost Employee Engagement

Employee recruitment and retention is one of the most important issues facing any EMS organization. Reducing turnover and improving employee morale begins and ends with effective communication. Traumasoft’s all-in-one communication platform significantly improves communication by sharing real-time information with all levels of staff.

--Improved Communication

--Engaged Workforce

--Access to Real-Time Information

--Employee Recognition Programs




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Rethink Innovation--The Traumasoft Advantage

The Traumasoft Advantage offers significant benefits over other solutions in the EMS industry, enabling our customers to do more, and do so faster:

Integrated solution using one common dataset

Customizable and scalable to meet individual company needs

Value-based pricing that’s simple, static, and pay-as-you-go

Available anywhere from any web-enabled device

Complete turn-key solution, meaning no additional hardware, software, onsite-maintenance, or upgrades.



Image result for innovation


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Oct 21 2016

AAA 2016 National Convention Tradeshow

AAA 2016 National Convention Tradeshow

Traumasoft will be in attendance!! November 7th-9th at Caesars Palace Las Vegas, NV

We hope to see you at this annual conference & tradeshow, where specialized medical professionals convene for three days of practical and actionable education, networking and sharing inspiration that makes a difference in the medical industry.

We will be available to answer questions and make appointments to come to your business for demos.

This event is hosted by the American Ambulance Association


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Oct 19 2016

Traumasoft NEMSIS v3.4 Compliant

Traumasoft NEMSIS v3.4 Compliant

Traumasoft is pleased to announce that our version 3 EPCR is now NEMSIS v3.4 compliant. This achievement further solidifies Traumasoft as a leader in the EPCR software market and allows our customers to remain in compliance with reporting regulations for Patient Care Reports. With the NEMSIS v3.4 compliance completed, Traumasoft is now moving towards compliance for NEMSIS v3.34. Once certified on v3.34, Traumasoft will be compliant on all acceptable versions of NEMSIS EPCR: v2.2, v3.34, and v3.4.


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Sep 2 2016

Traumasoft Grows Internationally with Ireland EMS

Traumasoft Grows Internationally with Ireland EMS
Traumasoft broadens our brand internationally by extending our solutions into the Ireland EMS market. Kicking off earlier this year, Traumasoft rolled out an Ireland EPCR to the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council with the end goal of providing the EPCR solution to all volunteer agencies in Ireland. 

Additionally, Traumasoft is currently working to prepare our entire suite of products for release in the Ireland market, beginning with two ambulance services in Q1 2017. This move represents Traumasoft’s first step into an international market.

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Jun 5 2016

Connecting the Future - The Next 10 Years of EMS

Spurred by a post from Mike “FossilMedic” Ward,  “What will the fire service look like by September 11, 2021?” - bloggers have taken it upon themselves to look to the past and connect the dots to paint a picture of the future.

10 Years From Now

The trend is the “Connected Community” - being nimble, well-informed, and integrated. Technology has finally caught up with our “Back to the Future” perceptions of the future. We have computers for phones.

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