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Jun 5 2016

Connecting the Future - The Next 10 Years of EMS

Spurred by a post from Mike “FossilMedic” Ward,  “What will the fire service look like by September 11, 2021?” - bloggers have taken it upon themselves to look to the past and connect the dots to paint a picture of the future.

10 Years From Now

The trend is the “Connected Community” - being nimble, well-informed, and integrated. Technology has finally caught up with our “Back to the Future” perceptions of the future. We have computers for phones. Tablets that supply us with information on demand. Affordable hardware and software that tracks, records, and monitors data and cheap communications software that puts us in touch with anyone at any time. (The only thing missing is a time traveling DeLorean - or Ambulance.)

What is the “Connected Community”?

The “Connected Community” is made up of many parts – the most important being:

  • Connected Workforce
    Well informed employees and managers making better decisions as a result of real-time information.
  • Connected Fleet
    Optimal resource utilization through collection of Telematics, GPS, and CAD data into one integrated platform.
  • Connected Customer
    Driving better care and service to patients and partner facilities through integrated solutions which drive thoughput, efficiency, and communication.

What does this mean for the Emergency Medical Services and Ambulance Transport Industries?

Simply, Integrated Systems. Both internally and with customers and the public.

An EMS/Transport service with a “Connected Community” will have a business strategy that is data centric and maintains software that will manage and measure all aspects of their operations and promote lasting relationships with clients and the public.

  • Providing client (Hospitals, clinics, etc..) facing portals and integrations that automate trip scheduling, billing, and patient care data transfer.
  • Patient facing dashboards to track treatment data, transport history, and payment. (Possibly even preventative health classes and information.)
  • Workforce portals that communicate company news, goals, and urgent alerts.

Beyond EMS/Transport – Public Safety

The “Connected Community” isn't reserved for EMS & Ambulance Transport, but lends itself well to all  public safety fields: Police, Fire, and even beyond to healthcare and more. An era of increased technology hardware & software investment and retrofitting is ahead of us. Over the next 10 years we will see greater transparency, increased collaboration, and growth!

Other thoughts about the next 10 years:

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