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Using EMS Software to Help Benchmark

Three weeks ago we started the "Intro to EMS Software" series with an article on the differences and benefits of System integration vs an Integrated System. This week we'll explore benchmarking and how an integrated system with a single data set really powers your ability to analyze data, find trends and make serious operational changes that drive your bottom line!

Your business collects a lot of data and as an owner or manager it’s your responsibility to sift through that data and make heads or tails of it. Whether you know it or not, that's Benchmarking. It's very important for EMS operations to benchmark for constant improvement and competitive advantage. If it feels daunting, or has been difficult there are EMS software solutions to help you through this process.

So, what exactly is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of identifying, analyzing, and comparing your processes with the processes of your competitors and industry leaders. The first step is identifying your business processes. A process includes any set of activities that accomplish a specific organizational goal, including, your hiring process, employee review process, incident reporting process, crew scheduling process, dispatch process, etc... Then you take all the data associated with these processes and analyze them to understand your current levels. Finally, you'll compare those numbers with competitors, industry leaders and your own data you've collected in the past.

Benefits of Benchmarking

Benchmarking is important for any owner or manager who wants to improve their business. The benchmarking of processes will help to identify areas that need improvement, help to reduce costs, and increase revenue. If you're current Unit Hour Utilization is down 25% from last year, you'll want to know that so you can make adjustments and find a process that improves your asset utilization. If your current call volume is 1000 calls below your competitor, you know just a little extra push in business development will make you a market leader. If you know a company that's really good at acquiring new customers, it’s probably time to benchmark their processes. These insights will only be available to managers who benchmark.

Software to help with Benchmarking

Software solutions exist to help you benchmark and analyze your day-to-day processes. A fully integrated system, like Traumasoft, will provide the most benefit to benchmarking as it will save all data from all operations in one location, making it easier to run reports, create relationships between processes, and a standardized data set makes it easier to expand the business.

For example, the vehicles in your fleet drive hundreds of miles every week, using the Traumasoft CAD,GPS and Fleet Maintenance a manager can easily see which vehicle has a history of breaking down, which run it broke down on, was driving, which vehicle technician worked on the vehicle last, and comparing the historical data determine whether it was employee neglect or that the vehicle needs replacing.

Whether you're looking to expand, or improve your current operation, a fully integrated software solution could be the ticket to bringing the benefits of benchmarking to your business and becoming a market leader.

To gain an in depth look at the integrated Traumasoft solution please contact us for a demo.

A major cost component of EMS software is deciding between Web-based and server-based software. In the third article of the "Intro to EMS Software" series we'll take a look at the Benefits of Web Accesibility. As we're gearing up for the Catalyst Redline Connect Conference, June 11-13th, the third article will be posted on July 23rd.

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