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Web-Based vs. Server-Hosted

In an earlier post, in the "Intro to EMS Software" series, we mentioned the importance choosing between an integrated system and system integration deployment strategies, but either way you go there is still the choice of web-hosted vs. server-hosted. They both offer sophisticated security and the ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of other business systems within your environment, but the choice you make will shape the direction of your company's future.


Web-based solutions, unlike server-hosted solutions, provide reduced equipment and upkeep costs. There are no servers to purchase, house, setup, maintain, cool, power, and update. Web-hosted solutions are maintained by companies that specialize in offering cost-effective solutions allowing you to concentrate on your business' operation.

Redundancy is a big deal, especially when it comes to emergent services. What happens when a server goes down or dispatch experiences power loss? Servers can take up to 30 minutes to reboot. That means field staff & dispatch would be without information for 30 minutes. A web-hosted solution doesn't rely on local power supply. Field staff would still have access to data and dispatch could utilize mobile devices to continue to provide instructions. This means your operations never stop even during disaster situations.

Backup & Security

Information backup and security might be the most important aspect of your solution, but the information EMS operations manage isn't just employee time cards.  EMS operations are responsible for tracking billing, payment, sensitive medical records, and much more. Web-based solutions offer a cost-effective way to backup your information and even offer automatic backup scheduling. Server-based solutions are hosted on site and give you direct access, but backing up that information requires the purchasing of another server.   This means setting up and maintaining a second server or backing up information with a web host. Which just begs the question, why not go with a web-based solution?

Depending on your current business situation a server-hosted or web-hosted solution may be the answer. As managers, costs are always top-of-mind and deciding between a web-hosted and server-hosted solution could be a way to reduce those costs. See if a web-hosted solution can reduce your costs.

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