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People Operations

One of the most important yet daunting tasks for any EMS organization is monitoring employees, managing their performance, and maintaining internal communication. Traumasoft's People Operation tool manages all aspects of caring for your workforce -- from online application process and automated on-boarding to an electronic employee file cabinet, employee reviews and automated notifications. Key features include the ability to create custom forms and processing rules on the fly. Each of our People Operation tools are designed to save time, improve operational efficiency, and enable the internal sharing of information.


  • Incidence Reporting
  • Automated Employee Hiring Process
  • Unlimited Forms and Form Management
  • Anonymous Reporting
  • Employee File Cabinet

employee documents

Form Creation On The Fly

Create custom forms on the fly, and more importantly, share those forms and create custom rules for processing them. Traumasoft's HR tool allows you to create any variety of forms from sexual harassment to performance evaluations and more. Forms can be automatically distributed to appropriate management personnel all together or in a tiered response. Tiered response means the information is systematically advanced up the management chain of command, based on severity of the incident or a pre-defined communication tree. This entire process is stored in the employees personnel file, which can be hidden or made available based on simple configurations.

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