Ryde Central - Patient Transport Made Easy

A platform built for brokerages, insurance companies, hospitals and nursing homes to schedule patient transports in less than 60 seconds.

How Ryde Central Automates Patient Transport Requests

The process of requesting and providing patient transportation requires countless hours making calls, preparing paperwork, determining ETA, and more. Ryde Central REVOLUTIONIZES this entire process and enables you to schedule transports in ONE step.

Typical Patient Transport Workflow

1. Staff Schedules Transports: Staff members make calls to multiple transport providers to find one that can handle their request at the specific time.

2. Staff Determines Paperwork: Determine whether paper is needed and if so, what paperwork is needed (medical necessity, Physician’s Certification Form).

3. Staff Submits Paperwork: Staff members fills out the necessary paperwork and submits them to the transport provider in a timely manner.

4. Staff Makes Follow-Up Calls: Staff members make follow-up calls to get status updates, estimated arrival time (ETA), or any changes on the transport.

Time Required: 1+ Hours

Patient Transport with Ryde Central

1. Staff Requests Transport: Staff member logs into Ryde Central and fills out a short questionnaire about the patient and transport needs. No phone calls needed.

2. Providers Accepts Request: Ryde Central immediately notifies all your transport providers about the request via text and email. The request is accepted based on first-come, first-serve. No phone calls needed.

3. Ryde Central Automates Paperwork – Ryde Central uses your answers to the questionnaire to complete a Medical Necessity/Physician Certification Form and sends it electronically to the provider.

4. Ryde Central Automates Status Updates – Real-time status updates are sent to all parties involved, including the patient and the patient’s family members, via email and/or text.

Time Required: 60 seconds or less

Tangible Benefits When You Schedule Patient Transports with Ryde Central


Ryde central eliminates the need for phone calls and automates medical necessity, transport requirements, scheduling and status updates, effectively reducing the entire patient transport request process from hours to less than 60 seconds.

Reduced Costs

An efficient process saves time and reduce personnel costs. Further, Ryde Central has built-in algorithms that determines the level of service, which prevent you from requesting higher and more expensive levels of transportation services unnecessarily. This saves money for both the patient and health care system.

No More Guesswork

Ryde Central uses the patient information you provided to determine the transportation needed and complete a Medical Necessity/Physician Certification Form. The transport request is sent electronically to transport providers approved by your organization. All levels of transportations are included, including taxicab, wheelchair vans, Basic Life Support and Critical Care Ambulance.

Data-Driven Reports

Easily track the performance of each of your transport provider, such as on-time performance and cost. Other reports include transport trends, patient movements, projected transport cost and more.

Simplifying Patient Transports is Extremely Easy

Step 1 - Configuration

Create transport policies and automation rules, such as the regions you service, “offer strategy” for transport providers, market rules and more.

Step 2 - Onboard Transport Providers

Create a Ryde Central account for your transport providers and onboard them onto the system.

Step 3 - Go Live

Ryde Central is extremely simple to use with minimal to no training needed.

“Traumasoft software has really revolutionized our Communications Center and has improved our resource utilization overnight.”


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