Versatile Revenue Management (VRM) - Diligent, Transparent & Results Driven EMS Billing Services

Get faster reimbursements, improved cash flow and compliance, and greater visibility into your billing. 

Versatile Revenue Management (VRM) Eliminates Billing Frustrations

Versatile Revenue Management is a partner of Traumasoft that is comprised of Ambulance Coding Certified billing experts with at least 5-10 years of experience. Their goal is a simple one – to streamline your billing operations and help you get paid faster.

Fill in Unexpected Labor Gaps

Immediately fill in unexpected departures, maternity leaves, or any sudden shortage of labor.

Increase Accounts Receivable Collections

Deploy the optimal procedure to deal with insurance companies or other entities to increase your collection rates.

Simplify Tedious Charge Entries

Simplify tedious tasks such as charge entries so you can focus on more pressing matters.

Streamline the Entire Billing Process

Easily revamp the billing process using our combined experience and expertise.

Working with VRM is Like Adding a Diligent and Reliable Member to Your Team

Full 360° Transparency

Easily monitor tasks and performance of the certified billing experts at any time.

Monthly Progress Meetings and Reports

Review monthly status reports that matter, such as billing and collections reports.

Real-time Cashflow Status

See your real-time cashflow status in Traumasoft at any time.

“Traumasoft software has really revolutionized our Communications Center and has improved our resource utilization overnight.”


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