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Why Traumasoft?

When you think of EMS software, you do not typically think of innovation or integration. What normally comes to mind is expense, poor customer service and a lack of innovation. At Traumasoft, we were founded by EMS professionals who wanted to change everything about how software was built, delivered, and supported. This meant building a complete solution, not just one or two solutions, but an entire suite of integrated solutions. It also meant delivering on a platform that was customizable and scalable. Our most important deliverable is how we support our customers and software. Our belief is that if you can get an ambulance within 10 minutes in most urban cities in America, we should address our customer's needs with that same attention to response times.

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Traumasoft Featured Solutions

Computer Aided Dispatch

Improve resource utilization and on-time performance with Traumasoft's CAD and QuickView Grid technology. Dispatchers can manage scheduled and unscheduled trips with our dynamic visual drag and drop grid. The grid allows dispatchers and medical facilities, with appropriate credentials, to visually identify available time slots quickly and easily...
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Crew Scheduler

Traumasoft's crew scheduler is the most advanced solution on the market. Schedules are developed based on real-time call volume, allowing managers to maximize utilization and resource allocation. Crews can set availability, request time off, trade or swap shifts automatically or with management approval. Based on your configuration, Crew...
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Trip Scheduler

In today's competitive market, delivering value to your customers beyond on-time performance and quality patient care is essential. Traumasoft's new Trip Scheduler gives discharge planners, nurses, and case managers the tools they need to effectively and efficiently manage patient transportation. The system allows authorized users to...

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Traumasoft's innovative Billing module is designed to provide billers and managers with the tools they need to easily manage cashflow in the increasingly difficult healthcare billing market. Traumasoft uses complex algorithms to pre-evaluate data on your claims before they are sent out, allowing for quicker payment and processing...
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Traumasoft's GPS tool was built for EMS from the ground up. Vehicle monitoring, navigation, and communication differentiate Traumasoft's GPS solution from anything on the market. We monitor each vehicle independently, and send information anytime the vehicle is in motion. Because seconds count and turning right instead of left can make...
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Fleet Operations

Traumasoft's Fleet Operations plans and tracks fleet inventory, preventive maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts, and more. Dashboards provide real-time vehicle status information (in/out of service), vehicles scheduled for maintenance, and estimated return to service information. Employees can report an issue with a vehicle from any internet-ready...
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Virtual Classroom

Take control of your OT with Traumasoft's Virtual Classroom, a powerful educational solution enabling employers to administer tests, exams and other educational/compliance programs to employees over any internet enabled device. Delivering these programs in this manner improves compliance, reporting, and helps reduce unnecessary...
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Traumasoft's NEMSIS Gold compliant ePCR has all of the required national data points along with advanced capabilities unmatched by competitors. We understand that each organization is different, so we designed our ePCR to be completely configurable. Administrators have the ability to develop custom templates, add fields and even create logic rules...
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graphCloud Based, Revenue-Generating Solutions for the EMS Industry Generate more sales and increase customer value.

Traumasoft has developed a suite of solutions that work together to grow your revenue. In fact, some of these solutions are so valuable, that leading organizations have purchased exclusive market rights.

Top companies like Priority Ambulance, one of America's fastest growing companies, utilizes Traumasoft's suite of solutions to fuel their growth. Other companies, such as Priority One Ambulance in New York, Hart-to-Heart Ambulance in the Baltimore/DC area, A-Tec Ambulance in Chicago, Physicians Ambulance in Cleveland, and Alert Ambulance in New Jersey are all leveraging the power of Traumasoft.

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