We're part of the EMS provider community and we listen to our customers. Maybe that's why they have such good things to say about us.

“Traumasoft software has really revolutionized our Communications Center and has improved our resource utilization overnight.

Having our crew scheduler and our CAD in the same system has made our reporting fluid and accurate.

The technical support team at Traumasoft have been very responsive to our inquires and their customer service is exceptional."

Ramit Sahi
Director of Communications
NorCal Ambulance
Sacramento California

"Traumasoft is one of the best time-saving tools we have used. Imagine having all the information that's important to your organization at your fingertips.

We love the approachable format, and the fact that its tailored to the needs of the EMS industry. Traumasoft has created an environment where anything is possible in the creation and modification of reports and the changing needs of our business.

Ultimately, Traumasoft has transformed the way we do business."

Teresa Dickens
Executive Director
Best Ambulance
West Virginia

“One of the solutions that Traumasoft offers is their People Operations, this has been key for us to record and track thousands of incidents.

Having a closed loop control system has been a key function for our team to better manage incidents and ultimately assist with risk mitigation.”

Richard Raymond
Armstrong Ambulance Services
Arlington MA

"Traumasoft is a one-stop total solution for Able Medical Transportation. Instead of separate pieces of software, we now have one source for billing, dispatching, crew scheduling, payroll, human resources, training, fleet maintenance, as well as powerful and useful reporting tools.

We are paperless with EPCR and driver tablets. It pulls together all the functions of what we do daily, and is easy to use, and well thought out. We are big fans of Traumasoft, and we are thankful for the efficiencies that Traumasoft has helped us achieve.

The software is always improving and they listen to the needs of our industry. This platform is amazing."

Gregory Scott
Able Medical Transportation
Farmingdale, New Jersey

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