People Operations

‘People are our most important asset’, it’s a well worn saying and it’s true. Which is why the Employee Portal so important.

With features that range from online application processing and automated onboarding to an electronic employee file cabinet, employee reviews and automated notifications, Traumasoft’s Employee Portal tools make it easy to care for your workforce.

Use it to create custom forms, manage employee files electronically, and schedule/process employee reviews automatically.

Each of our Employee Portal tools are designed to save time, improve operational efficiency, and enable the internal sharing of information.

Built-in Integration with Other Modules

All data are streamlined with classroom, timesheets and crew scheduling.

Automated employee processes

Make hiring, onboarding, staff reviews and notifications easier and automated review tracking.

Incident reporting

Control incident identification, reporting and analysis. Includes anonymous reporting to minimize incidents.

Unlimited forms and form management

Keep as many forms as you need. Unfinished forms can be saved as draft. Completed forms can be archived.

Automated forms

Includes W-4, I-9, EEOC forms and Health insurance (FLSA).

Employee file cabinet

Centralized storage for essential staff information.

“People Operations has been key for us to record and track thousands of incidents. A closed loop control system has been a key function for our team to ultimately assist with risk mitigation.”


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