Traumasoft provides a common dataset with one version of the truth and modules that automatically update one another.

Our platform is built organically, not a jumbled mess of acquired software products bound only by a common brandname. We built our platform to run on-premise, in the cloud, and in hybrid mode despite being told emphatically that no provider would run their mission-critical software in the cloud.  This eliminates a single point of failure in an industry that requires 99.99% uptime to service its communities. 

Our innovation is unparalleled in the industry. We roll out dozens of updates and enhancements on a biweekly basis to our customer base, fully documented and clearly communicated. We adapt to changes in IT (browser, operating system, database, and network layers) and in Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance reimbursement to maximize billing reimbursement in a matter of weeks, not months or years. 

We are on the forefront of artificial intelligence and machine learning, evidenced by our real-time routing product for non-emergency transport services based on those very technologies. Traumasoft uses Natural Language Processing to perform auto-billing from ePCR, eliminating human error and a tremendous amount of manual data entry. We are working on advanced reporting analytics that will provide our customers predictive modeling and “what-if” scenario planning and analysis.

The Company

EMS is our passion—and we’ve combined that passion with a commitment to innovation.

Twelve years ago, we attacked the lack of innovation, poor service, and price-gouging permeating the EMS software market. Our vision was to build a complete, unified software solution to run EMS operations and make it easier for facilities and municipalities to do business with EMS providers. We now provide the only complete, integrated, fully compatible EMS management system.

Our mission is to create the best possible solution that helps EMS run efficiently, boost employee morale, service their customers, and save lives.

12+ years

constant product development


customers across the world

Tens of Millions

of claims processed to date




of employees have EMS Software experience




As a high-performance technology company, we specialize in automation, system integration and provide organizations with one solution to manage all of their business needs.

Traumasoft was built with the input and expertise of EMS owners, managers and personnel. Tired of over-priced software that under-delivered, Traumasoft contributors aimed to create a cost-effective solution that elevated their entire operation. Pairing real-world EMS professionals with a team of expert developers resulted in a solution capable of managing every facet of an EMS operation.

With an inherent belief that software is only as good as the problems it solves, Traumasoft continuously solicits and implements user feedback and suggestions from existing clients.

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We pride ourselves on being industry leaders with the most innovative and creative team members who continuously exceed our customers expectations.

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Take a look at the thought leadership articles we produce. As part of the EMS community we like to play our part in starting conversations, uncovering insights and offering commentary on our industry.

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