Asset Management

Keeping track of the assets at your EMS station is key to running a successful operation.

Our software enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of your assets besides your fleet, such as stretchers, heart monitors, computers, and more. With a comprehensive view on designing, operating, maintaining and disposing of your equipments, Traumasoft gives a simple yet thorough overview.

Individual assets can be assigned lifecycle dates so you can see – for example – timeframes around maintenance and scheduled upgrades. This module shares information with the entire Traumasoft platform so Asset Maintenance data is universally available.

Individual Asset Codes

Automatically assign asset codes to items and equipment, such as stretchers, heart monitors, computers, and more.

Date Settings

Set and easily adjust asset expiry dates and scheduled maintenance if needed.

Grouping Assets

Combine assets into groups with common characteristics for better organization and for easier management.

Asset Lifecycle

Assign, plan and easily adjust key asset lifecycle stages and get notified when assets are close to the end of lifecycle.

Retiring Assets

Automatically expire and retire assets based on time and usage information.

“We love the approachable format, and the fact that its tailored to the needs of the EMS industry.”


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