ePCR Software for EMS

Intuitive User-Interface. Accurate Timely Reports. Access from Any Device, Anytime, Anywhere.

Traumasoft has served the EMS industry for 13+ years with most of our team coming from EMS organizations. We understand the pains and frustrations of completing ePCRs. That is why Traumasoft’s new ePCR has a “game changing” user interface designed specifically to make an EMS provider’s job easier and to increase employee morale amid the current labor shortage.

The ePCR software is part of Traumasoft’s all-in-one management software for EMS and NEMT, integrated fully with CAD, billing, reporting, scheduling and more.

Our new ePCR includes:

  • Intuitive User-Interface
  • Expanded Customization Options
  • Accessible via Web Browser, Android, and iOS Applications
  • Offline Saving with Auto-Syncing
  • Improved Processing Speed
  • Ability to view in “Dark Mode”
  • and more!

Unique Features

Full Control over Data Fields Customization

Unlike other ePCR systems, you can add and customize your ePCR data set with Traumasoft:

  • Create customized data fields in your ePCRs with a few clicks.
  • Easily reconfigure how information is displayed and personalize your layouts the way you want.
  • No need to request and wait for your ePCR software vendor to create, customize or adjust your ePCR layout.

Automated Data Sync with Built-in Integrations

Because Traumasoft’s ePCR is part of a complete, cloud-based EMS management system, you can eliminate redundant and unproductive manual work:

  • All ePCR data is automatically synced.
  • Completely eliminate the need to load and push data from mobile devices to servers.
  • The rest of your organization, such as the billing department or reporting team, can instantly access the ePCR reports the minute they are completed.

Accurate & Real-Time Reporting

Building reports are extremely simple using Traumasoft’s reporting tools:

  • Run pre-built reports in a few clicks.
  • Generate holistic big-picture reports are simplified because your CAD, billing, and workforce data are all housed inside Traumasoft.

Top Benefits

Automate and Streamline Workflows to Collect Revenue Faster

Completed reports are automatically synced with our billing module which is in turn integrated with these billing & clearinghouse companies. An invoice can be immediately generated for payment with relevant billing codes. The reports are also integrated with other operational modules, such as CAD, to eliminate redundant data capture and to create error-free, streamlined workflows.

Create Accurate & Timely Reports to Reduce Lost Revenue

Easily create and automate ePCR reconciliation reports to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Intuitive User-Interface to Improve EMS Crew Satisfaction and Productivity

Easy to navigate layouts, designed by you, will allow your crews to move through the ePCR as quickly as you let them. Gone are the days of trying to remember which page a certain field was on or searching for something that was missed. Everything that your crews need is right in front of them. Plus, with the ability to add custom fields and custom options, your crews will never have to make a “best guess” when answering a question.

Anytime Anywhere Access for Crew Members and Staff to Build Synergy

Traumasoft’s ePCR program is available as an app on iOS and Android operating systems, as well as via any web browser of any smart device, laptop, or desktop.  . For crews working in areas with no internet access, their reports can be completed in “offline mode,” which will allow them to automatically sync their ePCR data to the cloud once connected to the internet.

Productivity Features for EMTs and Paramedics

Work Offline, Auto-Sync When Online

In areas where internet coverage is weak to non-existent, your crew can still access Traumasoft’s ePCR and work offline. When they regain a signal, the ePCR will automatically sync with no additional steps for your crews.

Task-Oriented User-Interface

Help crew focus on what matters with an easy-to-navigate layout so they never have to search for a data field that they missed.

Click to Email

Once the report is finalized, you have the ability to automatically fax or email a copy to a healthcare facility,.

Document and Photo Attachment

EMS providers can take pictures or attach documents using their mobile devices without leaving the ePCR.

Autofill Data for Repeat Patients

For repeat patients, a new report can be generated quickly using previous patient records, which eliminates data re-entry

Custom Templates and Narratives

Easily create custom narrative templates to ensure EMS and NEMT crews are documenting all the necessary information to support medical necessity for billing.

Device Agnostic

Traumasoft’s EMS ePCR software works on all types of devices and operating systems – iOS, Android, or Windows, so your EMS crews can work with their preferred device.

Auto-Save Work Progress

EMS crews do not have to complete their ePCR in one shot, which is especially helpful when they’re busy attending to patients or when they’re working offline.

Great features for your IT Team

Continuous Backup with Disaster Recovery

Because all your data is immediately synced to the cloud, your data is safe even when your devices are lost, stolen, or hit by malware. Should a disaster occur on your primary server, your data will still be safe and accessible because we have triple-redundancy backups with multiple cloud storage facilities and SOC Certified Disaster Recovery.

Secure Record Keeping

Traumasoft is HIPAA compliant. All your data is stored using 256 Bit Encryption with auditing logs, monitoring, and data transfers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). During the setup process, you can setup administration rules to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive ePCR data (as well as other data).

Scalability with No IT Upkeep

Because Traumasoft’s EMS ePCR software is built on the cloud, you can avoid big one-time IT costs for hardware, installation and maintenance. We handle all the patches, upgrades, system performance and uptime. This keeps your overhead low while making it extremely easy for you to scale your business.

“We are paperless with EPCR and driver tablets. It pulls together all the functions of what we do daily, and is easy to use, and well thought out.”


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