The Complete Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Software

All-in-One Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Software for Transit Providers Looking for Efficiency and Profitability

Traumasoft’s NEMT Management Software streamlines your entire front and back-office operations with a robust and easy-to-use software interface, enabling you to dispatch faster and maximize your transport capacity with fewer vehicles.



Improve resource utilization and on-time performance with Traumasoft's state-of-the-art grid view EMS Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Includes intuitive driver app available on iOS and Android, shift swapping, vehicle tracking, LogistiCare & Access 2 Care trip templates, and more.


Make it easy to schedule trips using your crew’s availability. Easily change shifts in bulk, trade shifts, and allow crew to input their schedules or request time off on their mobile device.


Because billing is integrated with ePCR, dispatch, scheduling and routing, there’s no more double data entry, and claims can be filed instantly once a transport is finished. Billing information is instantly verified with insurance and integrated with clearinghouses to ensure speed and accuracy in your billing process. Claims and remittance are also occur streamlined.


Routes are automatically optimized in real-time using artificial intelligence (AI) for maximum utilization and is completely integrated with CAD and GPS. Includes flexible trip ordering, facility bed logistics, and a portal for riders to request, manage, and check the real-time status of their transport.

Other Essential Features and Functions

GPS Integration

Track the whereabouts of the vehicle with remote door unlock, traffic and weather pattern overlays, and more.

Certification Compliance

Track and monitor required driver, vehicle and staff certifications, licensing, training and insurance.

People Operations

Track crew’s pay based on their schedule. Includes human resource functions and more.

Vehicle Maintenance

Use our fleet management module to ensure that your assets and equipment are properly maintained.


Includes the ability to document patient care for transports. NEMSIS-compliant, eliminates duplicate data entry, enhances data integrity, and speeds up billing and claims processing.


Get accurate reporting using reliable data from all departments. Provides both custom and pre-built reports.

Traumasoft also provides:

Best-in-class training to get your team up-to-speed.

Dedicated customer service team that goes above and beyond.

HIPAA compliant access to all data.

“We are paperless with EPCR and driver tablets. It pulls together all the functions of what we do daily, and is easy to use, and well thought out.”


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