We make difficult things simple. Our purpose is to provide an extremely capable technical system delivered in an easy-to-use way.

We provide integration tools, services and APIs so you can connect with your existing software. A wide range of tools and services enable fast integration and data sync during your implementation—and we’re there every step of the way customizing for your individual needs.

Online Payment Solutions Integration

GPS & Transportation Integration

Modem Partners

Billing & Clearinghouse Integration

Reporting Software Integration

Computer Aided Dispatch


Payroll & Human Resources Integration

Brokerage Integration

Data Security and Compliance

Our browser-based software uses a wide range of industry standard security policies. From the frontend to the server side, we employ best- practice security for your data.

We have third-party SSL 2048-bit encryption certification for the browser along with HIPAA-compliant policies for employees and their passwords. We use 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) on database connections, intrusion detection and monitoring.

  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • SOC 3
  • ISO 27001
  • PCI
  • SSAE 16 TYPE I

Traumasoft reaches the respected and universal compliance standard of the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS).

Data Management and Hosting

Traumasoft manages all data and documentation throughout the life cycle of the customer. Database data is replicated to the nanosecond and stored with two redundant servers; one within our data center and the other in another data center in the United States. Documents are R-Synced to cloud storage and local three times daily.

Traumasoft servers are optimized for speed and availability and monitored 24x7x365 with multiple layers of redundancy and security built in. To improve efficiency and lower costs, Traumasoft uses dedicated hardware with resources in the cloud. Whichever managed network configuration you choose, we will support it with industry-leading SLAs and our 100% Network Uptime along with 99.9% Software Uptime commitments. 

Traumasoft has two server farms hosted with Rackspace; one in Dallas, TX and the other in Chicago, IL. Our databases are continuously backed up at three separate locations, one on each Rackspace server and a third at our headquarters in Portage, MI. Software files are backed up weekly in all three locations. Software security is through SSL 2048bit encryption certification purchased through a third-party company.

Traumasoft provides several options for hosting. They include full IT services, which will maintain Traumasoft software, operating systems and upgrades.

  • Cloud access with redundant database backup to a secondary data center
  • Local server in network with redundant database backup to a secondary data center.

Software Implementation Specialist and Customer Success Managers

We have a team of experts waiting to to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to our products. We assign every Traumasoft customer a highly-experienced software implementation specialist to guarantee a successful onboarding process during the typical 60- to 90-day timeframe. Your specialist will gather all necessary documentation and data, and coordinate every step of onboarding to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Our customer success team and support staff are pretty great, too. Your dedicated EMS expert— your personal customer success manager––will manage every aspect of your account, including pre-deployment, deployment, go-live and all post go-live ongoing training and support. In addition, the customer success manager will work with you on custom software enhancements and biweekly product releases, which typically include any bug fixes and system enhancements.

Product enhancements

We do things a little differently at Traumasoft.

We draw on the wealth of experience within the EMS community, and, importantly, we want our enhancements to be affordable for our customers.

A former EMS administrator, our CEO grew frustrated with the standard $10k per request for an enhanced feature, only to find the requested feature was then resold to another customer for another $10k. At Traumasoft, our customers only pay for an enhancement if it is a custom feature for that customer, or if the enhancement has to be done in an escalated timeframe. However, if the customer does pay for the escalated timeframe, that enhancement is provided to other customers at no-cost.

And when a customer makes a suggestion to improve our product, we not only consider adding it into future releases; but if and when the enhancement is released, the improvement is added at no charge to our customers.

This unique process has worked well as we work with customers, industry consultants and contributors to help guide product development.

Thanks to our contributors who include:

Jack Trovato
Vice President – Alert Ambulance

Dave Davis
President – A-Tec Ambulance

Jason Skidmore
Owner Operator – Hart to Heart

Jason Hess
Vice President – Physicians Ambulance

Marie Eisbrenner
COO – Pride Care Ambulance

Billing & clearing house partners

Payroll & brokerage partners

“Traumasoft has created an environment where anything is possible in the creation and modification of reports and the changing needs of our business."


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