Our best-of-breed GPS tool was built for EMS from the ground up.

Vehicle monitoring, navigation, and communication differentiate Traumasoft’s GPS solution from anything on the market. We monitor each vehicle independently and send information anytime the vehicle is in motion. Because seconds count and turning right instead of left can make the difference, our GPS provides the fastest, most accurate vehicle location information on the market. Advanced capabilities include custom geo-fencing, the ability to unlock vehicle doors remotely, speed limit alerts/warnings, and monitoring of siren use, seat belts, drug cabinet door, idling, and much more. Traumasoft’s GPS can pair with your existing modem solution or goes perfectly with Traumasoft’s own Android GPS application for use on phones and tablets.

Traumasoft’s GPS Solution sends all information back to the CAD, giving CAD users the ability to send the nearest vehicle.


Superior interface

Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop grid automatically alerting trip conflicts and identifying closest vehicle. Also see vehicle patient capacity.

Pre-hospital communications

Facility/patient alerting, communicate real time with crews, integration with with hospital tools, auto-diallers for ETAs and dispatch chat.

CAD/GPS/MDT integration

Radio and equipment tracking and send info to crews in real time. Identifying closest vehicle.


MDT is used in the EMS industry to communicate with Dispatch and to display mapping and information relevant to your current CAD call. MDT features a screen displaying your call information, mapping directions to your call, and a timestamp for your trip statuses. MDT uses a real-time connection to your Dispatch center, with audio prompts to let you know when you have a new call.

Traumasoft’s MDT App for Android puts trips at the tips of your crew’s fingers, allowing them to easily access important patient and call information. Add to that the ability to have the crew advance timestamps through the App and you are not only helping your crews, but your Dispatchers as well. Most importantly, having patient information readily available enables your providers to do what they do best – help the patients they serve.

“Traumasoft software has really revolutionized our Communications Center and has improved our resource utilization overnight.”


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