EMS Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System

All the features you need with a superior interface to help you get the job done with efficiency and accuracy.

Traumasoft’s EMS CAD solution is designed to make work efficient and enjoyable – so you can increase productivity and retain your employees.

For dispatchers, work efficiency increases because of the intuitive interface and automation. At the same time, training time and dispatch cost and errors are reduced significantly.

For front line crews, communication with dispatchers or with fellow crews are simplified, efficient, and can even be fun. They can easily make requests or update their schedule using their mobile device.

For health facilities and third-parties, collaborating with you will be extremely simple and fruitful, further strengthening your relationships with them.

Superior Streamlined Interface to Boost Productivity

Drag & Drop Calendar View

Assigning a new trip to field crews is as easy as dragging and dropping a calendar block to their schedule. Priority, call type, pickup time, and other trip details are displayed by hovering your mouse over to each calendar block.

Real-Time Map View

Whether you’re using Traumasoft’s GPS or integrating your GPS, dispatchers can assign trips on a map view that displays real-time locations of each vehicle. Trip details are shown when you click on the bubble indicating where your crews are.

Birds-Eye View of All Dispatch Status

Status of each crew (at scene, available, at destination, enroute, etc.) are color-coded for easy identification. If a crew is running behind schedule, the calendar block or bubble on the map will flash.

Make Faster and Better Dispatch Decisions

AI Recommended Trip Assignment

When assigning a new trip, the top five vehicles closest to the new trip and estimated arrival time will be displayed.

“Smart Code” for Faster Trip Assignments

“Smart Code” is a health facility identifier that’s displayed on the CAD. This helps dispatchers quickly see where the crew is going without clicking on each trip to get the trip details. This is especially helpful when dispatchers are re-assigning trips.

Demand Prediction Reports

Now you can export trips from CAD to Uber.

Because Traumasoft is an all-in-one EMS software, you can easily generate an EMS or NEMT demand analytics report to guide you on which regions to place idol ambulances.

Improved Communication & Coordination

Real-Time Tracking & Status Updates

Dispatchers and crews have all the information they need to do their job on their devices. In ABLE Medical Transport’s case study, Greg Scott describes this as: “After implementing Traumasoft, it’s a whole lot quieter in the dispatch center, even on a crazy busy day with the radios and the phones, because everything’s on the tablets and everything is there.”

Built-in Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Integration with Messenger & Chat

Traumasoft built another communication channel on MDT for dispatchers and crews. Dispatchers can instant message dispatchers in other offices and get everyone up to speed with latest issues in a chatroom broadcast, whereas crews use this to update their status of each trip. Only scheduled staff has access to chat, and all communications are private between dispatchers with chat history securely stored.

CORE EMS Mobile App for Employees

With CORE App for Employees, your staff can request time off, check their schedule, swap schedules, and make other requests easily using their mobile phones. See how this app increases employee satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Data Automations for Compliance and Productivity

Compliance Reporting Made Easy

Traumasoft’s geofencing links each region to a set of data points. The data points, such as on-time performance, are automatically populated into each trip detail based on its region for compliance, improving compliance reporting accuracy and efficiency.

ProQA Titanium Certified

With ProQA, Traumasoft allows dispatchers to take 911 trips more efficiently by automatically populating information of the call onto a form – without the dispatcher having to retype info or document calls manually.

Collaborate and Strengthen Relationships with Health Facilities

Advanced Instant Notifications

Send SMS text messages to decision maker or groups of people you work with about incoming and outgoing patients, trip ETA notifications, status changes, and more. These notifications are typically sent to a health facility’s ER supervisor, nurses, or the bed control staff.

List View of Incoming Patients

Provide your health facilities with a list view of all incoming patients, their ETA, their current status, and more. This list helps the health facility better plan and schedule their resources to accommodate incoming patients.

Ambulance Trip Requests

Provide a web portal for health facilities to request ambulance trips from you. Once they submit the request, it will automatically display on your CAD.

Collaboration with Other Third Parties

Receive Trip Requests from Brokers

Traumasoft is integrated with many brokerages so the trips they assign to you are automatically populated on your CAD for you to approve or deny. No more export, import and the associated headaches.

Assign a Trip to Another Organization

When you assign or sub-contract trips to other organizations, you can provide them with a web portal for them to track, approve or deny the trip assignment. Once they approve the assignment, they can also insert timestamps (enroute, at scene, clear time, etc.) for compliance.

Passing Trips Between Traumasoft Accounts

If the organization you work with also uses Traumasoft, assigning and passing trips is extremely fast and easy – all you need is to add the organization’s contact into your system.

Automation and Built-in Integrations with Other Core Modules


Traumasoft’s scheduling software allows EMS organizations to staff the right number of units, with the right people, at the right time. Once a shift is scheduled, dispatchers will have the ability to drag and drop trips onto a shift.


You can use Traumasoft GPS or integrate with a GPS you currently use. Location data from your GPS feeds into the dispatch’s map view, geofencing for compliance, and more.

Fleet Operations

Fleet operations track fleet inventory, maintenance, repairs and more. Only the ambulance and medical transports that are available can be scheduled and used for dispatch.

Bed Manager

Bed Manager is a component of Traumasoft’s EMS management software system that you can provide for your facility customers for free. When facilities input estimated patient discharge time, that data will feed into your CAD automatically, reducing your staff’s workloads and enables you to better plan and schedule transports.

“Having our Crew Scheduler and our CAD in the same system has made our reporting fluid and accurate.


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