Fleet Operations

No fleet, no business – it’s that simple. Traumasoft's Fleet Operations plans and tracks fleet inventory, preventive maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts, and more.

Dashboards provide real-time information on vehicle status, vehicles scheduled for maintenance, and estimated return to service. Employees can report an issue with a vehicle from any internet-ready device.

That request is shared with all appropriate managers and made available to other crews, reducing duplicate requests. Management can acknowledge requests and share vehicle stats with dispatch, crews and the maintenance department. You even can give vendors access to the Traumasoft Fleet Operations module, enabling them to see only their work orders and allow them to provide real-time feedback.


Alerts and Notifications

Get on top of maintenance, parts management and more with automated messages.

Easy Tracking and Reporting

Accident tracking and reporting, certification, track equipment, fuel logs, rig checks and cost center/station assignments.

Dashboard Overviews

Provide real time vehicle status information of every vehicle.

Preventative Maintenance

Setup schedules and notifications for regular, cost-saving maintenance.

Certification Tracking

Manage employee certifications and accreditation automatically.

CAD & GPS Integration

Complete integration with Traumasoft's CAD and GPS module for a more comprehensive view on each vehicle.

“Traumasoft has created an environment where anything is possible in the creation and modification of reports and the changing needs of our business."


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