EMS Billing

Power your EMS Revenue Management System with advanced automation

Traumasoft’s EMS Billing software provides your billing personnel the advanced tools they need to easily manage cash-flow in an increasingly challenging healthcare market. Our complex algorithms allow your team to pre-evaluate data on claims before sending them out, ensuring faster processing and payment. Automated bill schedules and events ensure claims are handled properly and automatically identifies issues. Other built-in tools allow you to automatically add charges and credits, making the billing process much more user-friendly and easier to implement. Integration with Traumasoft CAD means there is no duplication of data, providing accelerated turnaround and increased accuracy.

Smart automation

Data, automation and artificial intelligence is transforming the way EMS billing is done. This
technology – continually optimized and delivered in the cloud – is at the heart of our modern process.

True integration

The entire Traumasoft system was built as a unified system from Day One (not a jumbled mess of different acquisitions). One dataset is shared across all functions – ePCR, Billing, CAD, People Operations, Reporting – meaning there’s a ‘single source of truth’.

Light-touch processing

Traumasoft uses smart technology to automate the claim process, providing real-time claim submittal and remittance for quicker turnaround and payment. Built-in tools and integrations pre-evaluate data, instantly verify insurance benefits, and make necessary billing adjustments before submitting.

Simplified set-up

Quick, easy data syncing and tailored integrations make for a streamlined implementation. From project planning, to set-up, to advanced customization, to migrating systems, Traumasoft’s implementation team assists you every step of the way.

Value for money

Customers love Traumasoft’s cost-effective, scalable subscription model. The days of expensive, dusty enterprise servers and enterprise software fees are over.

Billing status overview

Unlike other billing products, Traumasoft’s custom dashboard provides an instant and complete picture of your revenue management status. With full visibility to granular real-time claim activity, you can quickly and easily identify processing bottlenecks and take action.


Pre-populate billing information from the ePCR to the billing module. AutoCoding 'learns' and codes claims – increasing in initial claims processing by 50 - 100%.

Advanced revenue management workflow 

Best in class workflow for revenue management.

“Traumasoft pulls together all the functions of what we do daily, and is easy to use, and well thought out."


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