RealTime Routes: NEMT Routing Software Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Optimize Routing, Improve On-time Performance and Maximize Utilization

Manually planning non-emergency medical trips is laborious, time consuming and prone to errors. Sometimes, the wrong vehicle or crew may be selected for a trip. Other times, routes are not properly planned, resulting in significant miles without revenue.

Traumasoft’s Real-Time Routes solves all these problems. Our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) factors in multiple data points to create the most optimal routes for your non-emergency medical transports. These data points include a patient’s appointment time, vehicle type, nature of the trip (wheelchair, basic/advanced life support, etc.), road conditions, and many others. NEMT transport companies using Real-Time Routes can enjoy the following benefits:

Top 3 Benefits When Using Real-Time Routes for Your NEMT Trips

Efficient Trip Planning & Optimized Routing

Real-Time Routes uses multiple data points to plan and schedule the most optimal routes for you. Instead of using paper-based records and documentations, your dispatch or trip planners would only need to review and confirm the suggested routes provided by Real-Time Routes.

Improving On-Time Performance & Reducing Errors

Because Real-Time Routes factors in traffic, appointment time, drop-off location and other data, on-time performance will be greatly improved. It also lists simulated and expected performance, so that you can improve routes and increase utilization. The system also ensures that a patient gets right vehicle and qualified crews for transport.

Increased Utilization & Revenue Per Mile

When trips are planned manually, last known vehicle location is often overlooked. Real-Time Routes has built-in GPS features that factor in the last known location of the vehicle when planning transport routes. This means empty miles are significantly reduced, increasing utilization (UTU) and revenue per mile.

Unique Trip Utilization Features Only on Traumasoft

Traumasoft has over 20+ years of experience working with EMS and NEMT, and we understand that each organization works differently. That is why we have created the following unique routing and utilization preferences for you:


Standard Utilization Mode

Organizations that select this preference tells Real-Time Route’s AI to balance the workload and utilization of all vehicles and crews. This setting is ideal for organizations who have a set number of vehicles dedicated to NEMT.


Accelerated Utilization Mode

This preference allows you to schedule as many trips as possible in a given time frame using only select resources (or as few vehicles as possible). This setting is ideal for organizations looking to free up capacity for other trips, such as EMS.

How to Optimize NEMT Routing Using Real-Time Routes

Step 1:

Select Trips to Plan & Schedule

A list of NEMT trips, along with their pickup and drop-off locations, are listed on the dashboard based on type (ALS, BLS, wheelchair, etc.) and the appointment time you selected. Select the trips you wish to plan and schedule.

Step 2

See Optimized Routes Recommendations

Real-Time Routes will use various data points, including the vehicle’s last known location, to recommend the most optimized routes. The time and distance of each route are displayed in list and map view.

Step 3

Auto-Assign to CAD in One-Click

After reviewing the recommended routes, you can push those routes directly into CAD with a single mouse-click, and your drivers and crews will receive these routes on their mobile device. No more manual scheduling and dispatching and the headaches associated with them.

Built-in Integration with Other Modules


After a trip is complete, an invoice can be sent directly to the insurance provider without additional data entry or paperwork.


A GPS unit can be installed on all vehicles to track their location in real-time and to improve route optimization.


Recommended and optimized routes can be pushed into CAD in a single click.

Crew Scheduler

Real-time data from Crew Scheduler is used so you don’t schedule someone who is on their day off.

Fleet Operations

Real-time data from Fleet Operations is used to prevent you from scheduling a vehicle that has broken down or is scheduled for maintenance.

“Ultimately, Traumasoft has transformed the way we do business.”


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