Increase EMS Employee Retention by Making Work Enjoyable

According to a 2021 study by the American Ambulance Association, voluntary and overall turnover for EMS organizations was 20-30% (within the same levels as previous years). In other words, on average, their entire workforce needs to be replaced in four years.  That translates to heavy turnover costs for EMS companies.

Traumasoft’s all-in-one EMS management system offers the tools to retain EMTs, paramedics, and dispatch employees by making work more enjoyable. Here’s how:

Automate Workflow and Streamline Communication

Employees appreciate automation and streamlined processes because they create less work and eliminate mundane, redundant tasks. From frontline care to billing, Traumasoft streamlines the entire EMS operations workflow, eliminating tedious paper trails as well as back and forth phone conversations.

  • Keep everyone on the same page – CAD, scheduling, ePCR, billing and all EMS operation modules are built into a single all-in-one system. Updates to one module seamlessly flow through to other modules, putting real-time information in the hands of all EMS employees.
  • Dashboards and Pre-built Reports – Because data is collected and stored centrally, generating summary and detail-level EMS reports can be done without hiring talent to query databases and analyze data to build reports.
  • Offer ‘Work from Home’ to Office Workers – With automated workflow and streamlined communications, dispatch and billing employees are able to work from home without disruptions to daily operations.

Better Tools to Complete Tasks

Providing better tools to complete their daily tasks leads to happier employees. Traumasoft’s intuitive interface, along with scheduling recommendations based on artificial intelligence (AI), helps both dispatch employees and frontline workers excel at their job.

  • “Game-Changing” User Interface – A dated and confusing interface increases work frustration and stress. From ePCR to CAD, Traumasoft continuously enhances its user interface to make all employees’ job easier, improving morale.
  • Optimized Routes and Schedules – Dispatchers can save time and effort by using AI-recommended trip assignments and schedules. For NEMT, Traumasoft provides Real-Time Routes to dynamically route trips and maximize your on-road utilization.
  • Automated Compliance Reporting – Compliance reporting is tedious. With Traumasoft’s geofencing, trip detail is programmatically populated with data points to greatly improve the accuracy and efficiency of compliance reporting.

Encourage Collaboration and Build Teamwork

Keeping employees engaged is the key to build employee morale. This requires an interactive and secure environment for employees to freely communicate and collaborate.

  • Engaging Newsfeeds about Work – With an embedded newsfeed similarly found in popular social media apps, Traumasoft’s CORE EMS Mobile App brings a social flare to the workplace.
  • Resolve Issues Faster with Instant Messaging – Traumasoft offers advanced field communication with its Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), enabling dispatchers and frontline crews to interact with each other and get instant trip and shift updates.
  • Request Substitution and Trade Shifts in One Click – Crews intuitively request and approve trade shifts with their co-workers on their mobile CORE app, fostering greater teamwork.

Make Employees Heard, Recognized and Appreciated

When employees are heard and recognized, they feel appreciated and will emotionally connect with your organization. Traumasoft enables that by providing the tools to bridge communication gaps between employees and management.

  • Uncover Work Sentiment with Polls – Using CORE mobile app, employees and supervisors can start a poll at anytime to build engagement and uncover work sentiment.
  • Performance Management via Reports – Utilization rate reports are pre-built and can be generated in a few clicks so high performance can be recognized and rewarded immediately.
  • Connect Employees to Management and HR – With CORE mobile app, employees can instantly chat with supervisors and easily request time off in a few clicks, without jumping through multiple hoops.

“We are paperless with EPCR and driver tablets. It pulls together all the functions of what we do daily, and is easy to use, and well thought out.”


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