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Traumasoft's GPS tool was built for EMS from the ground up. Vehicle monitoring, navigation, and communication differentiate Traumasoft's GPS solution from anything on the market. We monitor each vehicle independently, and send information anytime the vehicle is in motion. Because seconds count and turning right instead of left can make the difference, our GPS provides the fastest, most accurate vehicle location information on the market. Advanced capabilities include custom geo-facilities, geo-profit centers, geo-districts and regions, speed limit alerts/warnings, monitor and display siren use, seatbelt notification, drug cabinet door open notification, the ability to unlock vehicle doors remotely, and much more.

  • Real-Time AVL Updates, No Page Refresh
  • More Accurate Truck Location
  • Speed Limit Monitoring & Auto Alerts
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Monitoring
  • Unlock Door Remotely and more
  • Custom Layered Geo-Fencing
  • Advanced System Monitoring such as Sirens on/off and more
  • Completely Integrated with CAD, Fleet Maintenance and the rest of our programs

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Improve Response Times

Reduce your response time, ensure compliance and contractual obligations with Traumasoft's GPS. Designed specifically for the EMS industry, tracking your fleet with custom geo-fencing, speed monitoring, turn-by-turn directions and more, has never been easier.

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