The 2022 Traumasoft’s User Conference EVOLVE (held at Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, Central Florida on Nov. 7-9) was a great success! The 3-day event had over 115 in-person attendees and 53 online attendees. They were joined by industry leaders and the Traumasoft team who provided industry insights, trends and brand-new innovations that will impact EMS organizations and the industry as a whole.

The Conference Mission is to EVOLVE

We named the conference ‘EVOLVE’ because we believe EMS software products, solutions and services must be constantly evolving to better service the ever-changing dynamics of the EMS and NEMT industry. The conference is a way for attendees and Traumasoft to connect, learn, and get feedback from EMS organizations, industry experts, and integrations partners so all of us can continue to ‘EVOLVE’ and improve ourselves.

Why Attendees Loved EVOLVE

Introducing New Cutting-Edge Products – Attendees were able to gain specific industry knowledge about new cutting-edge products that can revolutionize the industry. Some of the new products introduced include Ryde Central for streamlined patient transport process, RealTime Routes for AI-powered NEMT routing, and the Employee App for better employee engagement and retention.

Get Expert Insights – Attendees could hear from industry experts that covered topics include Billing and Operations, Cyber Security, employee recruiting and retention using data, cost accounting, EMS legal landmines, and more.

Networking with the Traumasoft Team – Attendees had the opportunity to connect with Traumasoft developers and the executive team to provide feedback, hear about product updates, and request enhancements.

Networking with EMS Organizations – Attendees discussed common problems faced by their fellow EMS organizations and learned about how others solved similar problems. Unique and potential challenges were also uncovered and addressed using Traumasoft’s software platform.

User Training – Attendees attended optional training sessions where they brushed up on or advanced their skills on how to better utilize Traumasoft to increase operational efficiency and profitability. This was especially helpful for those underutilizing Traumasoft’s comprehensive, feature-packed, all-in-one EMS software.

How Attendees Described EVOLVE

Overall Rating of the Event: (4.4 based on 19 responses)

“I’ve been on Traumasoft since 2017 and still left with pages of notes and ideas! I already use all the integrations that the speakers spoke about and can even further integrate after hearing more and speaking with them. Overall, it was very good!” – Debbie R.

“For the first time in 26 years of being in EMS I have a true partner that actually cares about me, not another vendor. My company’s investment in Traumasoft is without a doubt, essential. I can see why your team works so hard. Very impressive.” – Richard S.

“Great information on the billing modules. Created a lot of good questions for the TechLab training.” – Audra O.

“Excellent presentation and a lot of information” – Ellen N.

“Traumasoft has a lot of positive change coming and there is room to provide feedback for change. Lots of helpful information.” – Miranda W.

“Excellent chance to network with other agencies about challenges faced by everyone and how we can use the software platform to help. Also, appreciated the opportunity to speak with developers and others to request changes.” – Eric S.

“Traumasoft is a great software suite. There are so many options and configuration settings it can be overwhelming. Having been with Traumasoft for 10+ years, getting some real answers from experts about how this software works was great. We are under-utilizing this software and have been for some time. I hope to use its full potential through the next year.” – Zachary W.

Topics Covered

Billing Track – An in-depth session on billing best practices and a variety of important billing processes and functions to increase efficiency and overall performance.

New Products Track – Presenting a brief overview of the key products and features that are already available, currently in beta testing, or in development.

Dispatch Track – A comprehensive review of the dispatch process, including MDT, GPS and Advanced Chat. Other topics covered include People & Fleet Operations, the new EPCR, and Business Development Solutions.

Partner Track – Sessions around insights and inspiration with our partner network and how we collaborate to create technology that works better together.

Operations Track – Sessions on how to keep EMS services coordinated and running smoothly, which includes Scheduling as well as People & Fleet Operations and Reporting.

Training Track – Provided one-on-one training on any topic presented, including answering any specific questions about your unique environment.

VIP TechLab – An allotted time that provided an exclusive chance for customers to connect directly with the leadership, technical, and product teams of Traumasoft.

Guest Speakers

J. Todd Sheridan

EMS Leader & Consultant, FItch & Associates

Scott A. Moore

EMS Executive & Attorney, Moore EMS Consulting

Stephen R. Wirth

Founding Partner, Page, Wolfberg & Wirth

Brian S. Werfel

Partner, Werfel and Werfel

Christopher Kelley

Attorney, Page, Wolfberg & Wirth

Omar Masri


Kevin E. Frisch

CEO, Banquest Payment Systems


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