EMS professionals are “on the go” and schedules are always changing.  Life can be quite hectic and discovering the perfect work/life balance is more challenging now than ever before.  Since the Traumasoft team is comprised of EMS professionals and the most skilled software developers in the country, we knew we could improve both time and efficiency for EMS professionals.

The Traumasoft app is an EMS Scheduling App that allows EMS personnel to manage every aspect of their personal and professional lives from their smartphone or tablet.

As an extension of Traumasoft’s Complete EMS Management System, the Traumasoft app will transform how EMS professionals manage their schedules, credentials and staffing needs.  Ultimately, unifying teams to effectively and efficiently deliver better service.

The Traumasoft schedule app is real-time, accurate and secure “access at your fingertips”.   The app allows EMS professionals to connect and manage their “world” …. all through their mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

A favorite feature of the app is the ability to add activities, appointments and events with customized colors and icons.  The app will soon add a feature to sync your personal calendar or connect your smartphone calendar and easily share it with friends and family.

Quick communication is key is the EMS world.  Connecting and communicating with colleagues is easier than ever.  With the app, you can access staff directories, send and receive connection requests and messages, send push notices, get alerts, coordinate shift changes and personal days off, view and approve your time-card or just see who you will be working with on a specific shift.

Need to swap or pick up a shift?  It’s now as simple as a click of a button.  With the Traumasoft app, just choose the days you can work, see a list of coworkers working those days and send out a swap request.   Trading has never been so easy!

Finally, one of the most important features of the app is managing your credentials.  Never miss a shift because of an expired credential.  When you enter your credentials and set expiration reminders, the system will automatically remind you of upcoming credential needs.  You can even access the virtual classroom, see which credits you need and sign up for classes.

Managing your schedule everywhere and anywhere has never been easier with the Traumasoft app.