Electronic Patient Care Report—ePCR for EMS

There IS a better way!

With Traumasoft’s NEMSIS compliant ePCR you can do more than simply collect patient care records. You have the flexibility to electronically collect billing and medical necessity information, digital signatures and much more.

ePCR is a web-based solution, giving you access to the application from any place with an internet connection. Additionally, ePCR runs locally on  Windows based operating systems so your data is synchronized at a later time if an internet connection is unavailable. The module provides complete electronic charting and reporting capabilities, specifically designed to streamline data entry, reduce errors and provide for a more complete patient care report.

Please note:  ***Some features may not be available for all devices, systems or applications. Please contact Traumasoft for more information on specific features and specifications***

Key Features

  • Nemsis V3.4.0
  • Cloud and local based
  • CAD and ePCR sync
  • Digital signatures
  • Create unlimited custom ePCRs
  • Integrated hospital dashboard
  • Automatically fax or email
  • Medical necessity and billing

Isn’t it time you did more with ePCR?