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Innovation with Purpose
As a high performance technology company, Traumasoft specializes in automation, system integration, and ultimately providing organizations with one solution to manage all of their business needs.
Our team consists of highly experienced professionals who have an understanding not only of the EMS industry but also of the ever changing technology industry. We have the unique insight to create innovative solutions that improve productivity, increase service levels and advance the benefits of applying technology to solve the key business needs of an organization. Traumasoft is known for our flexible and nimble relationships with our clients.

At Traumasoft we believe that success requires more than just a good strategy. It takes practical "know-how", deep specialization and an ability to deliver. Together, we bring in the business expertise needed to ensure extra-ordinary value to YOU, our clients.


The Traumasoft Commitment

Global Delivery Model – Providing Reliable, Scalable & Cost Effective solutions
Hiring and Retaining Professional Excellence
Dedication to Collaboration and Teamwork
Extraordinary Commitment to Quality & Integrity


Develop leading edge products for the EMS industry that give providers the ability to access real-time information, streamline operations,
and drive more competitive services to their customers.

  • Provide an integrated solution that uses ONE common dataset
  • Deliver web-based products that require no additional hardware, software, onsite maintenance, or onsite upgrades.
  • Offer value-based pricing that's simple, static and pay-as-you-go


Our Reach
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